WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

$1 MSRP SOL Device Promotion

    Purchase Instructions:
    Equal quantities of pods and devices must be selected to complete purchase.
    SOL Promotional Device comes in a 5-Pack. Unit Cost $.50.
    Kit Promotional packaging has $1 red sticker on box indicating promotional MSRP price.

    Selling Instructions:
    The Promotional Device Kit is to be sold to customers at $1 with the purchase of Two 2-Packs.
    Suggested MSRP for each 2-pack is $14.99.

    SOL Promotional Starter Kit Includes:
    $1 Promotional Kit Retail Packaging
    Rechargeable SOL Device
    Micro USB Charger
    Instruction Manual

    Sol Promotion Device QTY
    Sol Promotion | 5 Devices - Out of Stock
    Sol Promotion | 5 Devices - Exclusive White - Out of Stock

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